Selenium in One Minute (Video)

For some time I’ve been willing to record and upload a short video showing how Selenium works, working in a grid with several computers/browsers and an Android table as well.

For this short demo I’ve used the Spring PetClinic reference application, tweaked to work with Spring 3.0.6 and Tomcat 7.0.22.

This short video is slightly above one minute long. Hope you enjoy it!


Using Selenium to Automate Tests in Android Browser

Yes, it’s true. With Selenium you can automate UI tests for Android browsers.

Validating how a web application behaves in multiple browsers is a growing need, as users require using any browser of their choice to consume applications. Moreover, this need spans to mobile devices: applications are demanded to be ubiquituous, and so our tests should be.

To my (pleasant) surprise, it’s very easy to run automated tests in Android browsers. Selenium includes an Android driver that supports most of the Android browsers, both simulated and in physical devices.

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