Assorted Tips – Oracle VM VirtualBox

With this post I start a new series with short tips about tools and frameworks. My main motivation is to add a “safety net” to my OneNote notebook full of notes and, who knows, maybe they are useful to others as well.

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Through the command-line you can issue a number of commands that can be useful for advanced users. (For the rest of the post let’s assume you are in a command prompt where VirtualBox is installed.)

Headless VMs

You can use command-line to start a VM in headless mode (you will need to enable remote desktop to access it, be warned!):

VBoxHeadless -startvm <vm-name>

You can also save the state of a running VM using the following command:

VBoxManage controlvm <vm-name> savestate

(Use double quotes to surround the VM name if it has spaces.)

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