about dr. macphail’s trance

dr. macphail’s trance – blog (erratically) written by Jorge Hidalgo a.k.a deors a.k.a. dr. macphail


Disclaimer: The entries on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Currently I work as a Senior Technology Architect for Accenture, where I co-lead our global Java platform capabilities and professional community, with a passion for software engineering, Java and Cloud Computing, celtic music and the best sci-fi, among other thousand things! Although my original intention was to write about non-work related stuff, real-world is as ubiquitous as gravity and the trance is orbiting around the things I do for most part of the day. But that’s ok – I really love what I do.

“Dr. MacPhail’s Trance” is also the title of a tune from Scottish super-group Capercaillie. This tune was like a revelation, the open door to another world of music, when I first heard it in the early 90’s. Even today it remains at the very top of my favourite music and surely it will for the rest of my life.


Actualmente trabajo como Arquitecto de Software en Accenture, donde co-lidero nuestras capacidades y comunidad profesional globales en la plataforma Java. Soy un apasionado de la ingeniería de software, todo lo relacionado con Java y Cloud Computing, la música celta y la mejor ciencia ficción, ¡entre otros miles de cosas! Aunque originalmente mi intención era escribir sobre temas no relacionados con mi trabajo, MundoReal es tan ubicuo como la gravedad, y el trance parece haber entrado en órbita alrededor de las cosas con las que paso la mayor parte del día. Pero no pasa nada – realmente me gusta lo que hago para ganarme la vida.

“Dr. MacPhail’s Trance” es también el título de una canción del súper-grupo escocés Capercaillie. Esta canción fue como una revelación, una puerta abierta a un nuevo mundo de músicas, cuando la escuché por primera vez allá por los 90. Incluso hoy día es una de mis canciones favoritas e imagino que lo será ya para siempre.


9 thoughts on “about dr. macphail’s trance

  1. Just read your eclipse + cloud foundry post. Any chance you could put together one for using OpenShift with JBoss Tools?

  2. Hi just read the Selenium Grid2 post of yours. I have recently moved from all on one box to a virtual setup with my PC hosting App, 1 hub virtual, 1 node virtual, usual 5 chrome browser etc.
    I am noticing speed issues where it takes three times longer to run tests. Is this expected due to network traffic between boxes now an issue. the virtual boxes should not get this issue because they are on the same physical bus.
    Q. Did you get a x3 speed slowdown?

    1. I don’t see such a delay. Vboxes, specially in a normal PC, can be slower anyway, but I would not say it is specific to Selenium. Re network config in Vboxes, are you using a host-only network or similar to ensure your traffic goes directly from host to guest and vice versa?

  3. Hola Jorge,
    tengo una pregunta sobre sonarqube, conoces un plugin para presentar una pagina HTML (o texto dinamico) en el dashboard?


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