Multi-language pipelines with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes (slides and code from Oracle Code One 2018 conference)

In this post, I would like to share the slides and code for a recent talk I was honoured to delivered at two conferences – DevOpsDays Riga, and Oracle Code One San Francisco – about “Multi-language pipelines with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes”. More information about these events can be found here:

DevOpsDays Riga:

Oracle Code One:

This talk (and the companion code) is the result of working with teams and helping them to move forward into a DevOps journey, balancing the need for decentralised execution and team agility, vs. the need for standardisation, knowledge sharing and best practices adoption across teams.

In DevOpsDays Riga, I delivered the presentation as an ignite session – a format that I never tried before, and resulted to be really challenging and rewarding, specially for a topic as deep and complex as this one.

The slides for the ignite talk are available at Slideshare here:


The session was recorded and is available at YouTube here:

In Oracle Code One San Francisco, the presentation was in a more ‘usual’ conference session fashion, and I joined forces with Julio Palma ( to elaborate on the concept sketched in the ignite talk, present in all due detail “what’s in a pipeline” coming from our own lessons learned, and demonstrated the approach with two exemplar applications, one Maven-based Java/Web applications (Spring Pet Clinic for the win!), and another small application written in Python.

The slides for the Code One session are available at Slideshare here:


The session was recorded as well and is available at YouTube here:

The exemplar code can be found online in these two repositories:

Java version:

Python version:

Thank you very much to both events for giving me the opportunity to share our experiences, to Julio for sharing the stage with me at San Francisco event, to Vicente González for all the help and support to make this presentation a rock solid one as it went, and to everyone attending for their feedback and very good questions.


Author: deors

senior technology architect in accenture, with a passion for technology related stuff, celtic music and the best sci-fi, among other thousand things!

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