Resource Redirection in Spring Pet Clinic Application for Tomcat 7 and Cloud Platforms

In previous months I’ve been playing with various cloud platforms, learning the basics, what’s different and what not, between them and comparing with more ‘traditional’ developments.

When I start to work in a new framework or tool, I tend to use the same set of reference applications to start. Simple stuff for a simple start. With that I pretend to concentrate in  the specifics of the f/t at hand, without dealing at the same time with whatever idea I had and was building.

The first app, as you can see in previous posts, is the simplest of Spring+Hibernate use cases, CRUD on a simple, two-field entity. This one is good to start but too simple to be really representative o an actual development.

For the second iteration I work with Spring Pet Clinic reference application: an exemplar use of Spring Framework created by Spring team a few years ago. To my surprise, Pet Clinic didn’t work out of the box with the latest Tomcat release, and while looking at what was happening I found out a few things worth sharing about the greatest and latest Spring and Tomcat.

In this post I will walkthrough my findings with Pet Clinic and what enhancements I did to make it ready for 2012 and beyond.

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