IzPack – Open Source Java installer engine

Old post from Feb 11th, 2010 --------------- Recently we faced the need for an installer for a Java tool. Nothing too refined, just select the path, select the packages to install and create some shortcuts. First I googled for the obvious query and found many alternatives, some free and some commercial, and then we do a … Continue reading IzPack – Open Source Java installer engine


Architecture Rules 3.0.0 goes RC1

Old post from Dec 11th, 2009 ---------------------- After some months evaluating Architecture Rules (AR for sort, web http://wiki.architecturerules.org/index.php?title=Main_Page) for serious use, and fiddling in a hate-love relationship with this tool (very good idea, not so well documented, some extrange behaviours that almost makes you resign), I found in their SVN and Maven repository that they … Continue reading Architecture Rules 3.0.0 goes RC1